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On the Christian Life

Our monthly bulletin sometimes includes a section On the Christian Life: in which the rector answers questions from parishioners, explains church doctrine and practice, addresses contemporary issues, or shares advice from the writings of the Saints. The following articles are excerpts from this section, extracted for easier reading on the Web.

Please check back as we continue to republish older items.

Apr 2017 Why it is So Important to Attend Holy Week Services
Nov 2016 On Abortion and Our Vote
Oct 2016 On the Church Calendar
Aug 2016 On the Question of the "Revised Julian Calendar" (republished)
Sep 2015 Contemporary Problems: Transgenderism
Jul 2015 Contemporary Problems: Tattoos & Piercings
Jun 2015 Contemporary Problems: Cremation
Feb 2015 On Chairs in Church
Jul 2014 Our Children Belong in the Church
Jul 2013 Debts vs. Trespasses
Jan 2013 House Blessings
Dec 2012 King Alfred's Prayer
Jul 2012 Are You Saved?
Feb 2012 Visiting Shut-Ins
Feb 2012 End of Life
Sep 2011 All Orthodox Christians Can Give Blessings
May 2011 Church Rules for Confession and Holy Communion
Nov 2010 On the Wearing of the Cross
Mar 2010 On Prayer, or the Rule of St. Pachomius