St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church
Stratford, Connecticut
Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia (ROCOR)
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St. Nicholas Church 2016
A Stratford landmark
Interior, view from belfry
St. Nicholas Day 2017
Nativity 2015
Pascha 2014
Pascha 2015
Pascha 2015
Pascha 2015
Blessing of Paschal Food (2015)
Bright Monday 2014
2016 Jordanville trip
St. Nicholas Sisterhood (2014)
Millennial Cross
Hierarchical Liturgy (2014)
Life in the Church (2014)
Paschal Artos

Credits: Vyacheslav Rakov, Eugene Viderman, Olesya & Alyona, Deacon Paul Giatas, Katherine Peavy, Evan Tilley, and others.