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Св. Николаевская Русская Православная Церковь

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Important Corona News
Regarding COVID-19
Dearly beloved brothers and sisters in Christ!
May God bless you!
I had a conversation with the Metropolitan this morning, 
and since this morning,  he has written a decree, 
and this is the important information:
We all have been given a cross to bear:

Effective immediately:
Our churches must comply with the governor’s restrictions on gatherings in Connecticut.
All “non-essential“ gatherings are restricted.

What does that mean for us?
For us this means that all the services this week, including Saturday morning liturgy, will be conducted with the most skeletal crew possible.
That is all that Vladyka blesses, for now. Essentially, just my family.
It’s the safest “social distancing” for now. 

No deacon, no choir, nobody else, just the three or four of us in the church.  
The services will be conducted with the doors closed and locked.

If anyone is in need of Confession and Communion, 
I have been instructed to use emergency gifts.
Please contact me @

We plan to stream, or post the services on the Facebook  page,
and/or the web page but frankly we are still working on it. 

I hope, God Willing, to soon have a clearer understanding about what can happen this Sunday,
perhaps we can add some participants but for now, this is our situation.

O Most Holy Theotokos Save Us!
Please keep praying !
  • taking holy water and prosphora every morning, with the Prayer for consumption of prosphora and holy water.
  • remember St. Ephraim's prayer morning and evening.
  •  The prayer for the end of the coronavirus.
Some faithful around the world are singing the Akathist to the Iveron Icon.
Friday, at 3 pm Eastern Time, the monks of Mt. Athos will be praying for the whole world.
I will keep you posted as best as I can about the "Gatherings of prayer" on the internet 
and please remember to keep me, keep us in your prayers
Offering this pic of our Cross, for the week of the Cross

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