The "Hawaiian"
Will visit
St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church
on September 19th and 20th.
1 Honeyspot Road
Stratford, CT 06615


A little bit of info about the Icon........

The Holy Icon began streaming myrrh in October of 2007. In June of 2008, the “Hawaiian” Myrrh-Streaming Iveron Icon was officially recognized by the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia as miraculous and worthy of veneration, and was given the blessing to travel with Her caretaker to the various churches and monasteries of Holy Orthodoxy.

Since 2008, The Holy Icon has been to over 1000 churches in America, and has been venerated by more than a quarter of a million people throughout the United States. In many cities, the Icon is taken from one parish to another, being shared by all Orthodox clergy and Faithful.

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Numerous miracles have been attributed to the Theotokos through this “humble little Icon”, accounts are only just being collected, and are indeed numerous. Physical and spiritual healings have included the healing of blindness and eye disease, cancer, demonic possession, paralysis, kidney disease, chronic pain, and debilitating viruses. Yet, wherever the holy Icon goes, the Grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ and His Holy Mother abound. People have commented that just being in the presence of this Icon, you feel such an abundance of love and joy. It is truly indescribable. We are so very blessed that God has shown His love toward us by allowing us a small forebearance of what the saints call, "the true fragrance of sanctity." The true meaning of the Icon's appearance is known only to God, time will reveal all things. Yet, what we do know is that, God Loves us.


Troparion to the Iveron Icon, Tone 1.
From thy holy icon, O Lady Theotokos/
healings and cures are given abundantly/
to them who with faith and love draw near to it/
Likewise do thou visit mine infirmity also/
Have mercy on my soul, O good one//
And heal my body by thy grace, O most pure one.

....another troparion..... Tone 7.
From thy Holy Icon, O Lady Theotokos, /
blessed myrrh has flowed abundantly. /
Thou hast thereby consoled those, in exile, faithful unto thee,/
and hast enlighten the unbelievers by thy Son's light./
Therefore O Lady, with tears we bow down to thee./
Be merciful to us in the hour of judgment. /
Lest having received thy mercy we be punished as those who have been contemptuous of it. //
But grant us through thy prayers to bring forth spiritual fruit, and save our souls"

Kontakion to the Iveron Icon, Tone 8.
Though thy holy icon was cast into the sea, O Theotokos/
By a widow who could not save it from the enemy/
It appeared as a Protectress of Mount Athos and a Gatekeeper of the Iveron Community/
Frightening off enemies and rescuing all trials and tribulations//
those in the Orthodox Russian lands who venerate thee.

Website for the Hawaiian Iveron Icon: 
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